Katherine Whalley


Having started her embryology career in 1986, Kath has seen year on year improvements in reproductive technologies. These include many aspects that we now take for granted such as improved culture conditions, stimulation regimes, cryostorage and ICSI.  The past few years have seen the national drive towards reducing the incidence of multiple pregnancies.  With confidence in our lab the embryologists have been proactive in taking this forward and the ongoing success rate has supported this initiative. The embryology team appreciates their unique role in taking couples through a treatment cycle, discussing developments at each stage from oocyte retrieval through to embryo transfer and cryostorage and as clinical scientists  see this as an important role in patient education and understanding.

The dedicated unit at Ninewells was fully refurbished in 2011 with the addition of a new clean suite upgrading the ‘temporary’/makeshift accommodation that was home for many years.  Knowing what we have achieved to date makes Kath confident that as well as providing a state of the art Unit, the new lab facilities within the clean suite with a controlled and continually monitored environment will deliver further improvements in our success.  There have been many changes to our current practice but with a focus on streamlining this is creating opportunities for further learning and development. We are lucky to have close connections with researchers in the University of Dundee and collaborative projects are ongoing.

As Lead clinical embryologist Kath’s role is to take the lab forward, to develop the team as well as the unit and to deliver the best outcome for patients on an individual basis. It is a role that is continually challenging but greatly rewarding and she feels privileged to work with both the multidisciplinary team and the patients here at Ninewells and looks forward to seeing the further benefits of such a bespoke facility


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