Anne McConnell – Business Manager / Quality Manager

Anne has worked in Ninewells since 1980. She was the infertility secretary from 1982, became administrator in the Unit in 1991 and Business Manager in 2003. She is responsible for managing the waiting lists, liaising with health boards regarding contracts, co-ordinating treatment cycles and the general management of the A.C.U. She completed an MBA in 2000 and has since acquired qualifications in Health Economics and Project Management. Anne is also the Unit’s Quality Manager, and is responsible for the continued development of the quality management system. She was a member of the National Infertility Group which was set up by the Scottish Government with the aim of providing equitable infertility services throughout Scotland; members of this group were chosen because of their knowledge and expertise in the provision of NHS funded infertility treatment.   She continues to be represented on groups involved in implementing the revised criteria and ensuring waiting times targets are met.

Anne is the President and Secretary of the Unit’s fund-raising group, BirthTay.

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