The law relating to storage of eggs, sperm and embryos is changing on 1st July 2022. Please see our news page for further details

Donor Day

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Hundreds of people in Scotland need the help of egg or sperm donors to give them the chance to become parents and the gift of starting a family. The demand for egg and sperm donations is high and they are needed for some of the one in six couples who experience fertility problems, as well as same sex couples.

Donating your eggs or sperm is something that requires careful consideration, but if it’s right for you then you have the potential to give the joy of starting a family to those people in Scotland, who need the help of donors to become parents.

Case study quote

Anne from the Western Isles - “Being egg donor recipients was the most amazing gift for us. We had seven years of really hard challenging times and heartache with failed IVF treatments, causing stress and strain on all aspects of our lives. Our lives changed with one egg donation. Knowing that the eggs we received were of great quality started to take some of the stress away. We now have two children and we can never repay that one person’s kindness - she gave us the gift of life.”

Who can donate?

Donors must be:

  • - aged 18-35 (egg donors) or 18-45 (sperm donors)
  • - generally healthy with  no significant illnesses or inherited diseases
  • - be able to provide a biological family history
  • - a non-smoker
  • - egg donors must be able to commit to the programme for about three months and sperm donors must be able to make regular donations (10-20 donations over a period of 3-6 months)


By becoming an egg or sperm donor, you could give the joy of starting a family to more than 200 people in Scotland, who need help becoming parents. Visit to find out more.

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Join the Fertility Network Scotland Webinar here at 6pm today to learn more and share your experiences.