On 1st September 2023 the criteria for NHS funded storage will come into line with the current NHS criteria for treatment cycles.   Please see our news page for further details.  

Fertility Consents

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Online consents are now being used for all patients coming through for ART. This has replaced traditional paper-based consenting, and uses a secure digital platform called Fertility Consents, which allows patients to remotely access the relevant medical and legal information to provide informed consent and digitally sign consent forms for their fertility treatment, thus eliminating the need for paper information leaflets and consent forms.  Fertility Consent provides a complete library of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) consent forms and individual clinic consent forms that are automatically allocated to each patient and partner according to their treatment and personal circumstances. The platform also provides a library of materials and easy-to-understand videos that explain each fertility treatment and HFEA form in a clear and engaging way. 


New consents will be allocated to your case throughout your treatment cycle, and it is a legal requirement that these are completed before commencing the next stage of your treatment. Therefore if you are sent a text reminder, please find the time to complete any outstanding forms. If you are having any problems with Fertility Consents, or need to update your contact information, please email tay.acusecretarial@nhs.scot