Fertility Consents

ACU, Ninewells will soon be replacing traditional paper-based consenting with a digital consenting system. Fertility Consent is a secure online platform that enables patients to remotely access the relevant medical and legal information to provide informed consent and digitally sign consent forms for their fertility treatment, thus eliminating the need for paper information leaflets and consent forms.  Fertility Consent provides a complete library of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) consent forms and individual clinic consent forms that are automatically allocated to each patient and partner according to their treatment and personal circumstances. The platform also provides a library of materials and easy-to-understand videos that explain each fertility treatment and HFEA form in a clear and engaging way. 

We will be introducing this for all new patients over the coming weeks and for return patients as we progress.  To enable us to provide this service we require up to date contact numbers for all patients, if you have been recently referred or are due to have an appointment with the ACU, Ninewells soon please contact us to provide us with up to date contact details for each partner on 01382 496475 or alternatively email tay.acusecretarial@nhs.scot 

Fertility Network Webinar

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There will be another webinar with Scotland's fertility clinics on Tuesday 25th August from 12.30.

All 4 IVF Centre’s in Scotland will take part in the webinar giving the most up to date information on current activity and plan moving forward. Following the update, there will be a question and answer session with pre-submitted questions.


Questions about specific treatment cycles cannot be answered during the webinar, but if you have a generic question, please send this to SharonM@fertilitynetworkscotland.org


To register, please go to our website and find our page on Webinars. Alternatively, you can click directly on the link bellow: