The law relating to storage of eggs, sperm and embryos is changing on 1st July 2022. Please see our news page for further details

New Law relating to the storage period for sperm, eggs and embryos

As of the 1 July 2022, legislation governing the storage of eggs, sperm and embryos in the United Kingdom will change to allow up to a maximum of 55 years. The change in the law will also mean that new HFEA consent forms must be used. 

 From 1 July 2022 onwards, all patients who wish to store eggs, sperm or embryos or who have already stored eggs, sperm or embryos will need to complete and sign new consent forms

For patients who are currently in treatment, you will be asked to complete new HFEA consent forms even though you may have completed HFEA consent forms recently.
Patients who have completed treatment and currently have eggs, sperm or embryos storage will have a period of up to two years to renew the consent forms. If you are no longer eligible to NHS funded treatment/storage, there will be a cost for storage.

All patients will be contacted by the unit in due course to renew storage consents.