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Treatment Deferral for Unvaccinated Patients Reversed

A temporary deferral for NHS fertility treatment for patients who were not vaccinated against Covid -19 was set with immediate effect on the 23rd December 2021 and would be reviewed at the end of February 2022.

The decision has now been reviewed and the recommendation by the Chief Medical Officer is for the decision to defer patients who have not been vaccinated against Covid 19 be reversed.

For those who were affected by the Scottish Government decision will now be contacted to continue with their fertility treatment.

The ACU will continue to fully inform patients, prior to their treatment, of the evidence concerning the safety of vaccines for those planning pregnancy, undergoing fertility treatment and pregnant population in respect of maternal and perinatal outcomes.

All patients will be asked to sign an informed consent form acknowledging that they are aware of the risks prior to treatment, similar to other aspects of fertility pathways.


More information and guidance from the Scottish Government is available and can be found here

Additional information can also be found here