The law relating to storage of eggs, sperm and embryos is changing on 1st July 2022. Please see our news page for further details

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Up to date information about the ACU

  • #HIMfertility

    Our very own #malefertility expert, Dr Sarah Martins da Silva presented a lunch time webinar today for #HIMfertility. She discussed what makes a difference in male fertility, and ongoing research in this...
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  • #DonorDay

    Hundreds of people in Scotland need the help of egg or sperm donors to give them the chance to become parents and the gift of starting a family. The demand for egg and sperm donations...
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  • #FertilityFairness

    Fertility Network UK wants to see fair access to NHS-funded fertility treatment for all eligible patients regardless of postcode, race or sexuality. Look out for their survey on access to NHS IVF, info...
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  • Fertility Weight Loss Support Group

    For more information please open: Fertility Weight Loss Support Group.pdf
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  • Fertility Consents

    Online consents are now being used for all patients coming through for ART. This has replaced traditional paper-based consenting, and uses a secure digital platform called Fertility Consents, which allows...
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  • FNUK - More Mindfulness Course

    We have an evening Mindfulness course starting at the end of April. Wednesday 28th April - Wednesday 2nd June 6.30pm -7.30pm with an orientation/registration on Wednesday 21st April (6.30...
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  • FNUK - Introduction to Mindfulness

    Introduction to Mindfulness – 6-week programme starting Monday 5th April 6.30pm-7.30pm Mindfulness can help us to build resilience, stability and connection during these very difficult times. It...
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  • Fertility Clinic Update Scotland

    Please watch this video conducted by Fertility Network UK webinar with all four Scottish Units "Scottish Fertility Clinic Update and Fertility Consents"       
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  • Pregnancy Loss Support Meeting

    3 Feb 2021Wednesday 3rd February, 7.30pm Join us for our second Pregnancy Loss support meeting. This meeting is about experiencing pregnancy loss, if you have been trying for a baby for a long time, or...
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