On 1st September 2023 the criteria for NHS funded storage will come into line with the current NHS criteria for treatment cycles.   Please see our news page for further details.  

We have contracts with various health boards and if your health board is funding your treatment as you meet all of the NHS criteria at our Unit, you are normally entitled to three cycles of treatment including drugs.

For those who are funding their own treatment, costs from 1st January 2023 are:

  • ICSI – £4070 (not including drug cost)
  • IVF – £3955 (not including drug cost)
  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval – £1230
  • Transfer of Frozen Embryos – £1050 (natural cycle) / £1150 (cycle using drugs)

Costs include initial consultation and all relevant tests, scans, anaesthesia, embryo transfer and subsequent follow-up. Drugs are provided as a “package” costing £785 - £985 for 30 - 50 (75 IU) ampoules of gonadotrophin injections. 

You will be sent an invoice and this must be paid before treatment starts. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, credit or debit card via our accounts payable department.  Please note no payments can be made through the Assisted Conception Unit and all payments must be paid through our Finance team.  

If treatment has to be abandoned before the stage of egg retrieval, the cost of treatment will either be refunded or carried forward to another cycle; the cost of drugs, however, cannot be refunded.

Please note our tariff changed on 1st December 2022.