On 1st September 2023 the criteria for NHS funded storage will come into line with the current NHS criteria for treatment cycles.   Please see our news page for further details.  

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Donors Needed

Over 200 people in Scotland need your help!

Sperm and Egg Donors

Would you be willing to help?

In some cases people undergoing fertility treatment cannot use their own sperm or their own eggs but need help to start a family using eggs or sperm donated by others.

Donating eggs or sperm is something that requires careful consideration, but if it’s right for you then you have the potential to give the joy of starting a family to over 200 people in Scotland who need help becoming parents.

Please click on the following to find out more:

Information for Prospective Sperm Donors 

Information for Prospective Egg Donors

If you think this may be something you're interested in, please visit eggsandsperm.scot

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact TAY.acudonor@nhs.scot 


Thank you!

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