To provide safe and effective treatment in combination with minimising patient and staff risk of COVID- 19, we have introduced many changes to our clinic environment, as well as our ways of working. While we are doing all we can to begin your treatment as soon as possible, the restrictions under which all fertility clinics are now operating means we have reduced capacity at this time.

We are working to ensure all patients that had fresh treatment stopped/interrupted will have a timeline as to when their treatment can begin by the 3 August 2020.  

If you have had treatment stopped/interrupted and have not been contacted by one of our team by 3 August 2020 please contact us on 01382 496475 or email


Patients that were due to start treatment (for example had received AMH results) but had not started will be contacted by letter in the first instance. 

Your letter will include specific information about COVID-19 and a consent form, which must be read, signed and returned to us in the stamped addressed envelope before we can arrange treatment. 


Our independent counsellor has been offering counselling throughout the pandemic.  If you require support at this time please contact us to arrange an appointment with the counsellor.   We have been working closely with Fertility Network Scotland who you can also contact for support, advice or further information. Telephone: 01294 279162 Mobile: 07411752688.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding



Success rates depend on many factors, including patient’s age and duration of infertility. The HFEA give advice on success rates.

The live birth rate per embryo transferred for the year ending 30th June 2015, as reported by the HFEA was:


  <35 35-37 38-39 40-42
Ninewells 48% 26% 24% 18%
  (93/193) (23/87)  (13/55) (5/28)
National average 41% 34% 26%  

Frozen embryo transfer (all ages)

Ninewells 33%
National Average 21%

Continuing pregnancy rates per embryo transfer for the six month period July - December 2018, are: 

<35 55.4% (39/57)
35-37 51.4% (19/37)
38-39 61.1% (11/18)
40-42 9.6% (3/13)