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    Today was a hugely emotional day as we went back to Dundee to say thanks to the people who brought Charlie to life. It must be the most amazing feeling in the world to go to ‘work’ and know that you are creating life and turning dreams into reality and we hugely appreciate every single person involved in this process.  


    Charleane Anne, Fife
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    When I met my wife to-be she explained that she had been told by a doctor that she was unable to have children. As our relationship progressed her sadness caused by this situation increased to the point where if a program on television came on about babies I had to surreptitiously turn it off. She even shied away from prolonged contact with children as her inability to have a child hurt her so much.

    My own situation did not help matters as I had previously had a vasectomy over 10 years ago, and was told that one’s chance of a successful reversal went down by 10% per year.

    Somewhere along the line I had read that a woman had become a parent even after her womb had been removed, and it began to grow in my mind that when it comes to having children you can never say never.

    Around this time we met Ellen, Lead Embryologist, and became friends. Through talking about her work, the wonderful idea that all hope was not lost began to form in our hearts.

    We came along to Ninewells Hospital and after a series of consultations we started out on the IVF road.

    Our first attempt ended in tearful failure and at that point my wife made up her mind that if the next attempt did not work (something she did not tell me at the time) she would not attempt again as the pain would have been too much to bear. Whether she would have changed her mind we will never know as the pregnancy test joyfully came back as a positive. It was one of the best moments in our life, although soon to be eclipsed by similar ones on an almost daily basis when our beautiful baby Poppy Anastasia was born .

    Poppy has completely changed our life in a totally positive way and is the apple of our eyes. To cap it all off she sleeps virtually all night every night, rarely cries, and is universally loved by all those who come into contact with her.

    We finally took Poppy to Ninewells to meet the team as a way of expressing our gratitude to them in the best way we could, something however that we can never truly do. Throughout the whole process they could not have been more helpful or professional and above all kind and caring.

    M and A , Fife
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    I had my egg collection yesterday and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. From start to finish of this experience your team have been absolutely fantastic. From giving me all the information I needed, answering my questions and putting me at ease before and throughout my procedure. The staff in the unit were all absolutely wonderful, and made my experience so positive!

    Nancy & Jake, Edinburgh
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    Our son was born on 10 February in the Ninewells labour suite after we had IVF treatment in May 2017 at the assisted conception unit in Ninewells. We wanted to say a massive thank you to the assisted conception unit, and all the maternity staff for the excellent care given which made our journey a great experience.  

    Claire and Louise, Dundee
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    I felt that I had to contact you today to mark the NHS turning 70. 
    We spent 4 long, painful years waiting for our son to arrive and who knows where we would be now if it's wasn't for the wonderful care and support we received when we were treated at the ACU at Ninewells in 2016.
    We will never,  ever be able to find the words to thank the amazing staff for what you have done for us, you have changed our lives completely and we will always be so grateful.
    Thank you to all at the ACU, we are eternally grateful

    , Dundee