On 1st September 2023 the criteria for NHS funded storage will come into line with the current NHS criteria for treatment cycles.   Please see our news page for further details.  

NHS Criteria from 1st April 2017

Up to three cycles of treatment will be provided (this only applies to patients referred from 1st April 2017).  All NHS patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Unexplained infertility of at least two years’ duration or six cycles of donor insemination. 
  • Couple should be in a stable co-habiting relationship for at least two years.
  • Neither partner has undergone a sterilisation procedure.
  • One partner has no biological children.  Same sex couples will not be eligible if they have a child at home whom both have consented to legal parenthood. 
  • Female partner fresh cycles to be initiated by 40th birthday and all subsequent Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) to be completed by their 41st birthday.  If female partner turns 40 during the first cycle no further fresh treatment will be offered. 
  • If female is age 40 to 42, one cycle of treatment may be funded for couples if: the female has not previously had IVF treatment, there is no evidence of poor ovarian reserve and if in the treating clinicians view it is in the patients best interest and the couple screened by the time of the female partners 42nd birthday and all treatment including frozen embryo transfers must be completed by age 42+364 days. 
  • Female partner’s BMI must be over 18.5 and below 30. 
  • Both partners must be non-smoking for at least 3 months before being added to the waiting list and during treatment.  This includes any form of nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes with and without nicotine. 
  • Both partners to abstain from illegal and abusive substances. 
  • Both partners to be methadone free for one year prior to treatment. 
  • Neither partner should drink alcohol prior to or during treatment.

The treatment criteria will be re-applied prior to each cycle. Following each cycle, a full review of the outcome will be discussed. If it is decided that treatment is unlikely to be of benefit, further treatment will not be offered and your NHS entitlement will be withdrawn.

If frozen embryos are available, transfer of these must be carried out before another fresh cycle is started.

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