Primary or premature ovarian failure has been estimated to occur in approximately 1% of women. For such women their only hope of a pregnancy lies in the use of eggs donated by a healthy female volunteer.  This technique may also apply to women whose ovaries have been removed, or where there is a risk of passing on some genetic disorder by her own eggs and may also be advised for couples with repeated failed IVF cycles. The current waiting time is around six months; during this time you will receive implications counselling and be matched with a suitable donor. For further information see our information leaflet ivf using donor oocytes.doc 

We also provide egg sharing. This allows us to provide treatment sooner but is slightly more expensive. For further information see the patient information leaflet.

Our continuing pregnancy rate for the year ending 31st December 2017 for treatment using donated eggs was 65% (11 pregnancies from 17 cycles started).